Northeast Chapter Back Country Horsemen of Washington



Vicki Gish Awarded 2014 Trail Warrior

The Northeast Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Washington nominated VICKI GISH for Trail Warrior. During the 2014 BCHW Rendezvous in Ellensburg, WA, Vicki was one of four members awarded the Trail Warrior and recieved a beautiful axe and leather cover.Vicki Gish Trail Warrior 2014

For several years, Vicki has served as Northeast Chapter Trail Boss for Rides, but she hasn’t stopped there.  Vicki “discovered” the Calispel Basin area in the Colville National Forest in about 2009, and promptly started to check out the trails.  While following cow paths, remnants of old logging roads, and ATV tracks, Vicki began an ambitious Vicki & Amonmapping program so that others could enjoy the same trails.  Before long, she was cajoling other chapter members to “come up and camp with me – I’ll fix something in a Dutch oven and we can ride.”  Of course, she would add “and bring a saw and loppers – and gloves”, and soon they would find themselves clearing trail.  Vicki found that if she led a group way up a complicated trail to where it needed serious work, they would feel uncomfortable trying to find their way back to camp without her, so they had little choice but to clear trail.

At first, Vicki carried a small arbor saw on her saddle, but in 2011, she convinced the chapter to purchase a battery-powered chainsaw that she and other members could use “without having to fool with starting up a Vicki at Ride to Rendezvotwo-cycle engine”.  The fact that it had a self-sharpening chain didn’t bother her either.  After that she picked up the pace, opening so many miles of trail that people couldn’t ride them all in a three day weekend.  So she told them that they would have to come up during the week, when they could get more done anyway!  Vicki was not above bribery, either: Vicki at Calispel Basinshe frequently offered to fix her Dutch oven meals, complete with wine and dessert, for people who would agree to come and help her clear trail!  Some of them are real characters.

By 2013, Vicki had come to know so many trails, many of which she personally cleared, that the Gentlemen on Horseback asked her to guide them on daily rides for a full week.  One of the features that everyone seems to enjoy is a large lilac bush far from anything. Despite health issues, Vicki continues to camp in Calispel Basin throughout her summers, riding one of her gaited mules: Nettie Mae, Amon, or Iris.  She continues to clear new trails there, often with her riding buddies Judy Clark, Jerry Strom, Annette Hepler, Stuart Nieman, Darrell Wallace, and her husband Bob.  And a long list of volunteers who thought they were just going along to ride!

Vicki, your chapter salutes you!







Bead Lake Work Party 2014


This was a Challenge Cost Share NE Chapter fundraiser. Two puncheon bridges were constructed. There was something for everyone to do... peeling & splitting cedar logs and planks, drilling holes, driving nails, taking photos, someone manning the camp to watchover rigs and so on.

3 meals were provided on Saturday and Sunday with our very own camp chefs. Stu Nieman and Darrell Wallace cooked breakfast for us Saturday and Sunday mornings. Dinner Saturday evening was Kristy Stender cooking burger patties, with condiments. Everyone else brought side dishes and desserts. Friday and Sunday dinners were potlucks with a feast fit for kings!

Bead Lake is located in Eastern Washington. It's less than and hour from Spokane to the trailhead, and worth the drive.
Going Eastbound on Hwy 2, after crossing the Pend Oreille River bridge in Newport, turn left onto LeClerc Rd. (County road #9305). Follow LeClerc Rd. for about 2.8 miles and then turn right and go east on Bead Lake Rd. (County Rd. 3029). Stay on this R. about 6 miles and then turn right onto Forest Rd. 3215. Follow this Rd up the hill about 1/2 mile to trailhead. There is room for 7 or 8 rigs.

Great job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!